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What is makeup to you ?

“you are Gorgeous” When it’s about makeup every girl is like oh my god! LOL i guess i’m too addicted to makeup too. Makeup isn’t about making yourself a #gora #chitta (fairness, blond) but it’s all about pampering and enhancing your features more to look beautiful.  As in my case, a time where i was unaware of […]

A teen iranian girl undergoes 50 Surgeries!

Omg Moment! This is something we can’t ignore seriously. An iranian girl claims to be a biggest fan Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie turns her face into look-alike of Jolie’s. Sahar tabar who is from Tehran and is only 19 years old trying to be like Angelina Jolie. She has 526,000 following fans on instagram and […]


what is engineering? Engineer word itself defines to create, design, develop, explore, creating structure, brainstorming, use of machines, construction, programming. an engineer who designs and building things that meet customer requirements using scientific information for the practical purpose, applying technology towards the human’s needs. What do they do? Engineers solve problems and they focus on […]

My First blog on

Hi,finally I got my own personal Domain (my website). It’s been 1 year I have worked on my blogs. I started last year in December from Instagram with the business profile for sharing my own quotes, Poems, Daily drama things, Those things are still saved in my phone I didn’t remove them. I used to share on […]