What’s in my bag !

A most frequently ask the question about carrying your bag and yet most irritating too. For me, It’s quite irritating because I don’t like to answer about my bag especially. Bags have become most essential part of girls, They never leave homes without a bag, am I right? So today I’m jolting down the stuff about […]

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Feeling Great To Be Here Again!

Yay! So, I’m revealing what ‘s this place actually. It’s always a humbling experience visiting Mehran University again & again. It was not planned and I really wanted to visit it because it’s been a year, most of the things have changed a lot as compared to when it was used to be in back 2015. I have […]

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When i was 7 years old.

When I was 7 years old, Travelling ensures you the peace of mind, it actually helps you to get creative thoughts. As I love being a traveler is my all time favorite thing to do and such random plans are fabulous. What research said about traveling?  Even in research, traveling leads to a greater learning capacity, increased […]

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