Back to old phone.

Hey guys, my phone aww moment for me that I’m unable to communicate with you guys through Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat because my phone’s battery is no more now and battery issues happening for the last few weeks. I’m literally missing all the updates and trying to get in touch with the social platforms but I have […]

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Memories never dies.

Super golden memories back in 2018 now. Today literally a so lazy day nothing to do, I’m now in front of my laptop, sitting over the bed, playing Maroon 5 alongside, my sister is making a tea for myself and herself too ( how cute, lol), My birdies are making a beautiful sound SIGH feeling […]

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Ramadan Sessions

Hello Everybody, Welcome to another Ramadan series after a weekly talk on Instagram then I thought, I should start something new again. I got an awesome response from your messages and comments that it worth it. I know you guys haven’t missed me at all for sure. It won’t be long trust me, I’m being honest […]

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Meet My Babies.

Have you heard something that somebody said that they don’t have pets? I call them babies. I mean it’s C-R-A-Z-Y, lol for me it’s total. As I’m a pet lover, A big pet lover. Having pet in your life is a big peace aka Sukoon, right? The best part of pets that they can’t speak […]

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Double standards.

It’s horrible! Sounds like something double trouble? No?  You mean double stands? Oh, i got it, you mean two faces? Yeah, you got it right! It’s obvious thing making double standards will lead you directly to the fakeness. I mean what’s the beachy witchy you trying to do?   Stop it P-L-E-A-S-E. Try-na something new which […]

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What’s Life?

I learned in life that no matter how the person who was good with you, will always be good with you they can hurt you because of this you stop trusting people no matter it was your long distance relationship or close. It took many years to build an empire of trust and it just […]

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