Unboxing!!! It’s probably confusing for you to guess about my total worth of second home that’s I mainly call it to Karachi, Pakistan. Yes finally, I’m here now. I don’t like K-town for a living purpose( that’s the reason that I don’t have any particular living setup here) but love the places and the beaches […]

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Do you know about Snapchat?-Review

Snapchat is a mobile application which is a new sensation for the people nowadays. It’s growing up the users day by day, even I used it too. The main reason of using it that it has a new version of filters, colors, text on the picture, attachment of links, stickers, or new update in the snapchat […]

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13 Reasons why-Season 1

Background The novel Thirteen reasons why which was published in 2007 by jay asher and later adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix. 13 Reasons why was released on 31 March 2017. The first season is consist of 13 episodes. Diana Son and Brian Yorkey serve as a co-showrunners on the series and Selena Gomez serves as an executive producer. […]

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