It was all good before

Don’t laugh, just stay quiet, I know I look funny in my uniform but trust me I don’t know really why I colored it, OMG, pink Colour yack! 😀It started with a simple hello and ended with the complicated goodbye. All alone. All new journey, New chapters, unknown faces, creepy smiles, Loud voices, big places, […]

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4 Things you should know about first day of university.

Hello again, I know guys you are prepared/preparing for getting admissions into the universities or some has already done with it but honestly, I’m your loyal friend,I will always try to put honesty in my blogs too and I do that, you should know few things that are sometimes(mostly everybody) do this thing, missed few […]

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Unboxing!!! It’s probably confusing for you to guess about my total worth of second home that’s I mainly call it to Karachi, Pakistan. Yes finally, I’m here now. I don’t like K-town for a living purpose( that’s the reason that I don’t have any particular living setup here) but love the places and the beaches […]

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How I keep my phone away before sleep.

Hey, welcome again, It’s been a while I was MIA but honestly, also missing my Blog too just catching the other things and setting up the whole crashes and Clashes, and I was keeping you update through phone’s such things, never expected that. Anyways, It’s been a while mostly I’m addicted to bad things and […]

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2018 Resolution.

What’s your resolution in 2018? What’s makes you not giving up on things ? We are living a day like where we see daily a new incident. Either you live in a Pakistan or living in another country. Depression, anxiety, aloneness, etc these things become common today, More-over backbiting, Black magic, Jealousy, bitterness etc have […]

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