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Simplest Sponge cake Ever!

Simplest Sponge cake Ever! So most of the people have been messaging/messaged me on Instagram after posting this picture of wow cake for the recipe. I have asked about this cake on my Instagram feed and Story today’s post on feed literally I was amazed by the immense response on this cake in few hours! So […]

Macaroon Cake with Dry Fruits.

Oye This Macaroon cake! Its really difficult to find such places among a lot of places, Which gives you the alternate tastes as you need when you needed the most. I’m talking about the cakes, Yes!. As I’m not so much food lover but I love to do baking instead. Now you are thinking about this […]

Healing Power.

It’s Friday healing power. Another day of the week to waste it on my flu, seriously! This is now important talk. A very serious kind of because flu is getting over me now like hell. The best kind of cure is to kick it out from its roots. OH-MY-GOD! I’m dying. My tissue papers are […]