Hi, Welcome to About me section, It’s Tabarka Rajab, It’s been 2 years of blogging and Dealing with my website issues, I’m here again. I live in Pakistan with my beautiful family. Tzbliss is my blog site where I can write whatever I wanted to and it keeps me happy because I can actually write that I do with my family and friends.
My favourite thing is to wear what I love actually. I don’t take opinions and I’m very choosy with choosing the colours, sizes, material etc. I love wearing jeans, I feel more comfortable with the jeans and T-shirts etc. Current most favourite colour is black. I love to talk about relationships, My favourite things most probably rings, bags, glasses etc, Imaginations, Talking about life, My dreams (that mostly my family don’t want to listen it’s getting bored for them), experiences, birthdays, my own visions, funny things, random pointless/point facts.
I love doing things before the time, not believe in accepting it on spot(but some came as spontaneously). I love baking, cooking( when I do something different), putting eyeliner before going out, Not a fan of makeup just do when I deeply involved in it like average, styling with different skills like wearing it with different colours, jeans, kurta’s, T-shirts and all you will find it on my blogs, average photography is one of the favourite things about me now( you will see it on my blogs and other social media).

From the past few years, I have chosen people blindness-ly, that actually taught me more even before. I have amazing people in my life that I don’t need to describe them they don’t need any introduction. I live fearlessly now even more because I have learned that Nobody is here is for permanent, just do good and have faith, pray, trust, hopes & move on.
Currently, my favourite season is 13reasonswhy, I watch movies insanely, I keep searching for more, Mostly that based on true stories. I love to talk about movies on my blogs and I think that’s the part of us, that we want to show others about the opinions more.
My life motive is to travel because of travelling you know how to explore yourself more and live fearlessly, make happy moments, capture your pictures so that you can get to see back when you get older by time.
I love doing experimenting with randoms things mostly with my hairs a lot. I think doing and carrying different style make you different from others, Don’t like to be same as others to be, I make changes and with time I do that.
I mostly meet those people in my life who are kind to others. Soft and kind-hearted people are best. I love them. I hate who speak harsh and sometimes block them from my life. My blog isn’t about hate, So no harsh language here. Spread love and peace.
So everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle. Make right use of technology is the best way to show your skills and to influence people, spreading hate has no chance here. I love to do things that make me happy and you should do what you wanted to do in your life because you only live once, So shout it out!
If you feel like that you need a break then just take out your time from your busy schedule and come to my blog and have fun on my Laughing out loud Stuff. So what are you waiting for?
Thanks for Laughing out loud and coming to my blog, have fun!