Don’t laugh, just stay quiet, I know I look funny in my uniform but trust me I don’t know really why I colored it, OMG, pink Colour yack! πŸ˜€
It started with a simple hello and ended with the complicated goodbye. All alone. All new journey, New chapters, unknown faces, creepy smiles, Loud voices, big places, similar names, senseless dressing, all-white dress code around. Meeting room, small classrooms with a huge gang of people within it. No clue where am I going nor the idea of survivals-ness wasn’t had at least one friend either.
I’m talking about my life after school. As before, I was a shy + craziest one who got stitches on her head while playing at school and scolded by principle for being a liar for the first time. I will never forget my school life the best days I have ever had. No dramas for not going to school, just love being the way I was( not about others). I miss my friends who were with me from the day first in 1st class to class 10th. I studied from cadet school, the most restricted one.

best friend

See our dress code, looking cool na? πŸ˜› best memories πŸ™‚ She is Areeba khan A person I know, who fought for me against boys as a comrade :D, Areeba if you are reading this, I love you, baby ^_^.

I had/have a lot of friends from my school, but a few are with me.

I miss my school a lot, the band team we had and the marches we do in the morning, coming late and standing outside of the school, playing games was just fun ever, 5rs fine over not speaking in English, huh so on…


when you grow up things changes with you, time won’t stop ever. This is how life goes on!

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