Hey guys, my phone aww moment for me that I’m unable to communicate with you guys through Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat because my phone’s battery is no more now and battery issues happening for the last few weeks. I’m literally missing all the updates and trying to get in touch with the social platforms but I have to wait maybe a few days more. For some sort of situations, I’m back to my old phone now for some time.

I really don’t know when I would get my phone ready but still feeling relax out of the world like never had this before it’s been over a week and like counting, lol. Anyways, having serious concentration only on Nokia 107 that I never did this before so like alarms, Music, Radio :D, Games that I used to play when I was in my 13 14 age.

Pictures from my laptop so cool no?

So yeah It’s a good exploration of Nokia mobile within a week and guesses what? I literally have no selfies for the last few weeks not having credit on my GSM lol, getting PEC election voting messages on GSM(Being engineer benefits I guess but not so that way I hope you are getting this), a Service provider messages for bonus offers.

From few weeks I get a lot of time for me too like doing more stuff like for yourself “me time”, I feel like if you keeping away something for a while(for any such cause) then it definitely beneficial in some way not for the day but after some days you will automatically realize we are so much attached with the technology that we can’t live without them until and unless its brokes or someone steal it, lol.

nokia phone
Another one Nokia 107 phone( picture click from laptop camera)

But good thing is, I will come back with more fun like stuff and more blogging posts in the coming days! Comment below if you hate this lol or even like it.

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