Unboxing!!! It’s probably confusing for you to guess about my total worth of second home that’s I mainly call it to Karachi, Pakistan. Yes finally, I’m here now. I don’t like K-town for a living purpose( that’s the reason that I don’t have any particular living setup here) but love the places and the beaches witches, that’s totally worth it.

Every time my K-town University friends ask me how much I love this city, I always reply to them by saying Claps. In this summers attending classes and checking up some pending work won’t let you do work in a very pleasant way but who cares? And I have a good news for the one who cares, lol. Guess what? What did I get from Prime Minister?

OKAY, Keep guessing it, I’m giving you some time to let your brain to think, lol. Thanks this was totally lame I know. So anyways, Keeping everything on a side now and I’m announcing a great news with you all that I got a laptop from prime minister as a reward. Thank you, thank you, I know you all will be probably like who cares baby? but I do care to share it in my happy place.

So, this is I got one by the prime minister of Pakistan, I literally forgot to post as on my blog.


A laptop with a back bag.

I didn’t open as usual for taking pictures first. I got this in Ramadan and being lazy sometimes I didn’t get enough time to post it.

This one was the stuff I got in the box. A laptop, a pen, warranty card and Charger.

I have used it before because I had to see how it works and specification of it. You can’t believe its battery last for 6 hours and I’m planning to use it for my blog, just carry it wherever I’m and hanging out with it without charging it for some hours.


  1. 1. 8Gb Ram.
  2. 2. 1 Tb Harddisk.
  3. 3. Touchscreen with 360 rotation.
  4. 4. 1.6ghz processor.
  5. 5. Just 1 drive to store ( that’s the worst part of it) overall it’s worthy.

rotate laptop

You can also rotate it to 360° and use it in tablet mode too.


You can actually read those specifications of it here and if you want to know what’s the procedure for applying for it then I’m providing the links below.

here: Laptop Scheme

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