Super golden memories back in 2018 now. Today literally a so lazy day nothing to do, I’m now in front of my laptop, sitting over the bed, playing Maroon 5 alongside, my sister is making a tea for myself and herself too ( how cute, lol), My birdies are making a beautiful sound SIGH feeling everything is cool when you try to start your day with good things. These are things you can recall them that’s called memories.

After many struggles and bullshits of life here I’m again with the new thoughts and word. You can delete your old pictures and clean up your storage but you can never trash your own created memories that you are holding for so long may be from childhood? no? But they do exist in me. Wherever I’m they come along with me.

the best kind of thing in life is to believe what has gone, Sometimes it’s brutally experiencing like thing but when you start doing it you will start believing in present ultimately.

Things you should read about Life

Memories never ever die but they are passed. I used to take photos as many I can But what keeps me live for decades? by going through those photographs and pictures on my laptop, phone etc. usually my phone says please stop if you are storing usual than ever.

If you wanna live 100 years or more than that then you have to make your own memory to remember 🙂 and wait for the right time to recall that all.

I mostly do one job in the events of my family is to take mandatory photo sessions of people and solo pictures for them in a public place feels like a  cameraman how cute. who cares? Lol, nobody.

Live your lithe life to the fullest until and unless it becomes the memory! Have fun.

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