If you have been following me on Instagram or Pinterest, You know me well, If you aren’t then you are missing the fun guys! How travelling makes a happy day, hi to another happy day at my happy place, Hope you are enjoying your Saturday with your friends and family or travelling somewhere. Today I’m travelling back from Hyderabad to Karachi, Pakistan by car mostly.

As long as I discover these both cities of Pakistan, I came to this point that still there is more to know and discover. I just love love, love travelling. It opens up many locked things in your life.

Highway Hyderabad to Karachi

We always have these things with us and obviously, most importantly you have to make sure about these things. You never know when you need next.

  1. Make sure you have the toolbox.
  2. Food with you.
  3. Keys are important!!
  4. Car and driving licence(if you are driving by your own vehicle)
  5. Data cable and car charger or power bank.
  6. USB or discs for playing music( mobile can also be used but you have to consume battery too.)
  7. Sunglasses ( I always keep 2 3 pairs of it, who knows when my mood changes)
  8. Keep a separate water bottle for a car and for yourself too. (I BET, you need them. My mother used to keep a water jug that keeps the water cool for 4 hours, depends on temperature)
  9. Keep the money.
  10. Keep extra spares of tyres(if you are travelling by car).

These are few things for you but I honestly believe you never need more than these. I always forget many things before leaving the home and sometimes I create a mess in life like my mamma always said, ” I knew it, how can be you so careless”. But honestly I don’t do that again and again it’s just in rare cases.

If you are travelling and planning to travel on a road trip/any other trip then you must know few things that will definitely change your life or personality.

  • You can open a Discovery channel. Whenever I travel, I keep my phone in my hand as usual for taking pictures first. You can actually call me photoholic person (I discover this name). I don’t use high-resolution cameras but I keep my phone that’s enough for me and for my health, lol. I have clicked a lot of pictures that I can actually open a Discovery channel.

But never mind, It’s actually a memory that you can store for a long time and you can also make videos for fun, whenever you feel bad or exhausted then you can watch them and bring your travelling fun days back. In short, a flash recalls.

travelling affects life
cloudy weather part 1
  • Get to know each other. Yeah, it’s true but how? I always travel with my family, never travel alone that’s I get this point to write about. We always fight over playing music, switching from one song ( hardly listen 2 to 3 minutes of a song) to another. Then we actually laugh over it you know why? Because we randomly know each other taste of music and love some of them, blaming, making fun it’s a kind of ridiculous things we do. We do Snapchats such as the application for calculating the speed of a car and posting them to show off like things lol.
  • Increases in love. I and my family usually travel together but never had a chance or feel shy sometimes to express (a kind of thing) our love for each other, not even my siblings do. But that doesn’t mean that we Don’t.
With my Younger Bro. Say Hi

We care about each other, If my sister/brother wants to sleep during our travelling then 6 of us compromises for everyone one by one turn concept you can say. Some of us wake up till they sleep and take rest for some time. We are 8 people and us 6 of us (siblings) try to manage with the seat adjustment, lol this the major issues.

Having one leg on my side and my leg on my sister’s lap that ridiculous, lol that’s the major major major issue of us but we try to adjusting and laugh over it. That’s called cooperating with one another.

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Travelling vibes
Cloudy weather throughout the way man!
  • Sharing of food, Family issues alert!!! My friends, this one is everyone terms in a family. My siblings being at home never share their stuff until I borrow from them or steal it.

But when we travel, the concept opposite. They actually become so masooom (innocent) that they actually offer you their snacks, juices, anything you buy when you stop your car in the mid of at any mart.

Travelling random snack.
Travelling snacks.

Hope you enjoyed it, If not then I will come back with another.

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