Hello again, I know guys you are prepared/preparing for getting admissions into the universities or some has already done with it but honestly, I’m your loyal friend,I will always try to put honesty in my blogs too and I do that, you should know few things that are sometimes(mostly everybody) do this thing, missed few things that you certainly don’t know how much they can be productive and important for you.

So I’m here for you to tell you some hacks that you should know, I’m related to this too. I’m here in Karachi now and my university is opened few things I have learned throughout the journey that you should know too.

Listing them for you below so that you can be prepared for that and upcoming students this is for your either you are planning for getting admissions.

  • Never missed this.

Being a first child of your parents, you probably listen to this and bear a lot of things at first-time, that’s undoubtedly no option for you to reject and nobody has told you about this. Never miss the first lecture of your 1st class, yes never ever. Most of the teachers do these things that they come up with the full energy and knowledge they have prepared for you last night and what students(including me) do? They think “nobody will come today definitely because it’s the first day!” they text their friend’s circle and in the next morning few strength of students you will have to see. That makes teachers little bit creepy.

They give the overview of the whole subject in a one day and probably some important topics etc related to exams mostly(that nobody will tell in next class that’s weird and sense-less things about people)

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  • Remember your introduction.

I’m laughing while writing this. Let me tell you the fact behind it. It’s necessary to introduce yourself for the first time. I never get chance to introduce myself before except the interviews (they are exceptional cases). I remember my first day at bachelor’s of engineering(B.E) that was literally not so good day, in some classes we have to use a chit of your name with you so that teachers can remember your name during the class because there were so many students in one section that they can’t even about introducing each and every student( class to over he hojani thi).

Now in M.E classes, we have to introduce ourselves first in each class after each new semester then teachers can easily know how far we have in our lives, lol.

My friend: how many times they will introduce us it’s so embarrassing, I don’t even do any job.

Me: Stop it, Your turn.

Me again: hehe.

Friend: I hate this.

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  • Make your bestfriend!

No, i’m not talking about people, not at all! Library and google is the best place to make it your bestfriend as soon as you can because some sort of important things you need to focus first(if you really wanted to). I always skip libraries because i had/have the second option to choose over it and as in such cases I didnt get that amount of books in my life because of shortage! But I always prefer you to search little topics and books in advance, as in such cases your internet never cooperate with you i.e. Especially in exams( happens with me many times)

Mark you all imporatants in advance or make a to do list in your phone what to search, you can use Google planner for it or note.

shadow in university
Hi, It’s me
  • Don’t Forget to Ask.

IF you don’t know anything and you are new to these things then there is no harm in asking from your teachers or people around you. I myself did this mistake that I prefer to be introvert, That thing never ever harm you but in such cases you need to come out of your comfort zones. I started talking to my near by people you I met just few minutes ago and start discussing my problems, & guess what? They ask me back because they were afraid of asking me, Try to be more confident on your valid questions, afraiding on something will definetly left unanwered or never asked questions in your life.


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