It’s 1:30 am, I can’t believe this Ramadan is passing so fast and I’m loving the fact that this is my 3rd Ramadan session, the half month has passed and a half to go, Loving my new space for my blog will share it t soon. Having a dimmed light in a room and nobody is sleeping, my family is talking about random things happening. Wearing my PJs.


and keeping a cup of water aside so that I can keep myself hydrated in this hot weather


my usual cup

Done with prayers, Thinking about the things in my mind, there is so much to create things when you are having the peaceful environment and nobody is around you, chilled room and some side Facebook, Instagram, other blogs keep reading, on the other hand replying my friends on WhatsApp sharing random discussion.

Mostly, all day is just like as a sleeping beauty, my entire family except my father and mommy, and hats off to the load-shedding it keeps us alive while we sleep (they usually turn off the electricity).

Before Aftar/Afari is about to deal with the stuff according to the entire family, what they like to and drinks(have some major varieties). Some major oily stuff is mostly avoided by me, Shia seeds are must, Red juice is LOVE, After that, some major chores of girls are waiting for us especially, A cup chai, tv, mobile on hands, talking to your family at the same time and then my kind of routine to get back to blog.

I love my happy place and I truly love this so much, i.e. current favorites. It’s totally different from the years I have spent in Ramadan. So relaxing, Best feeling of this beautiful blessed month. After spending some time on a blog, I USUALLY MOVE TO HAVE SOME DINNER.

Praying(ISHA, TAHAJJUD) is the best kind of relaxation in your mind, having a lots s of water after an hour of taking the meal is best you can hydrate your body to fill the emptiness of your soul.

Coming back to the blog and searching and learning the online courses and developing new things in your self is always a fun because you are learning something new every day.

Me and my entire family except for papa, we stay up till Sehri and sometimes after Fajar prayer sleep before sunrise. Wake up lately mostly it happens in Ramadan and lazy bees in us revolve till Ramadan ends.

The whole night, we the siblings and mommy used to watch tv, Current series hit on everybody list “Kosam Sultan Season 1 & 2 ” insanely, along with eating yummy Sehri mostly with yogurt and dates, But a story is quite interesting.

I know when I will be doing this and reading it in next Ramadan, I would know the things what exactly I do and laugh it out on my own things which I used to do. This Ramadan is so far “Alhamdulillah” than before and different too.

What’s up to you this Ramadan and before?

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