Nostalgia, It’s been 2 years oh my goodness! What a roller coaster ride it was for me and for my parents too, lol. I still remember those days, is not so talkative, Not interacted with many people, Just do my own work, Being on time always and most hilarious was not being so active on watching males and females( according to my surrounds).

NOTE: This costume is provided on spot by our university administration on rent/buy conditions( not even ironed, I know)

I still remember those days that I used to be an introvert, that’s not easy at all, I used to think those times that why should talk to strangers don’t even known her/him a single seconds. After college life, you came out of your comfort zones and you have to really focus on each and everything regardless of such mess things around.

Standing on bus point at every morning with my papa it’s used be so pathetic days so far, In the start, you are unknown to everybody. you have to create your own space and shake hands instead of making arrogant faces. I’d never felt so stupid for not recognizing this immediately.

I feel I’ve been so lucky enough now that I have met many people and explore things that helped me to come out of being teenager life & entering into the new world. So I decided to list it down, So many of you would be relatable with that or not? and who knows whereIi will be and looking back to these things again and ROFL. Ladies and Gents( my brothers)

My convocation 2012. Best day- Hot day
  • Regret About Things

You won’t get what you wanted to be. All the shits come your way after realizing that wasn’t meant for you. I have been average on everything. I often do preparation 1 or 2, 3 days before the exams that all night & days preparations make a bunch on your head but honestly, that’s a more powerful strategy you can do. All-time gossips, sharing with those who none of them asks where the hell are you now?

  •  Degree matters?

Should I answer it? Apparently, They do but more than that your skills matter a lot and a lot. Both are important. but somehow we don’t focus on skills but do focus on assignments, labs submissions, how to get GPA’s higher, fall for people. The struggle is so real but unfortunately, In university, you will never learn how to focus on skills, It’s up to you, better to do self-study, take online courses as much as you can, but the question is how can we recognize what skills do we have? right? It took me along and a parlour type waiting for the turn scene. Recognize what you can do better, you will definitely get your answer.

With lil bro at convocation 2016.
  •  Don’t Give up.

That’s highly important! Because there will be a time you will be like “why this is so pathetic?” or “why always me?”. Either it will be a job related or marriages(because most people get married after graduation, most probably girls). I have seen so many reasons to give up but with time, I get better by letting things to go and let it be on their time.

  •  Keep the Patience.

I have spent my time after being so much working hard for searching jobs, internships, giving lots of interviews and test for a good job. But got no responses sometimes. I realized to never stop and keep pushing yourself either you get no single response. There will be a time you will get to attach and stick to those things which you haven’t thought of. Good things take time.

  • Plan for Life.

And by time, I start planning for the things that make me happy and build my own happiness. My mission is to not much but at least a macro level. Rejecting others opinions and accepting the things that the way they flow with time and enjoying every little moment.

  • Keep Exhaling.

Ok so it’s turn out the most epic but not most things happen in your life is by your choice or someone, sometimes it teases you in some way that you will consider the victim of all other shits and end up with negativity to yourself, how easy na? there are toxic people in my life that pledges to keep out of my life. I don’t consider any negativity to come to me and they came to you for many reasons to join their community. Better to keep distance and say hi hello them just.


An amazing art piece


  • Avoid Judgements.

This is the most horrible thing that runs behind and in front of you, I remember when I used to do when somebody judges people around the table with you and then after few minutes they will be doing this for you, CLAPS. I’m working on this to avoid those people and make you feel the same for them. There is no reason for anything such that to just avoid and toxic out those judgements.


  • Work On skills.

I realize that working skills much better than any other thing. Find your interest and start working on those skills by taking an online course off and on, You will find many other online courses that you can avail in the period of time when you are in search of the job and staying at home, Why to waste those days in just searching for the job only? utilize it for doing different skills. I remember my time when I was such a blank piece of cake and confuse person ever. I started my work by working on my laptop, did a lot of searches. List of courses:

  1. MOOCS
  2. All Courses


  • Bullshits Interviews.

Most thrilling and horrible things happen when going for the first interview of your life and consider yourself as a lowest among those who still don’t know how to treat people and how to ask questions. I’ve learned to be more confident ever and be positive no matter what and how much you are going through just trash them out and exhale all the things that came to your mind. Nobody can judge you, this is only taken by your relatives, lol. Avoid and Stay focused. Most important thing: ” Trust in GOD just”. Terrible things are for the limited time not for the lifetime.


  • Learn From everything.

I consider myself a big learner. I have experienced a lot of things in my life the as everybody does, They do have flaws too but work through your own flaws is the biggest achievement. I learn to stay positive and stay stick to things that will one day work.

Everything in life isn’t about how many degrees you take, how reputable your university was/is, how was the brilliant student you were/is, It’s about self-improving and how much you have developed yourself so far and when you see back in your life that will create a difference so that you will realize what things you have achieved until now.

I love myself more now that a lot of experiences and a lot of things that thrilling and stormy part of my life had taught me a lot. Last but not the least love yourself no matter what.

PS: Tell me about you, What you have learned in your life?


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