So I was sitting and chilling for a while after having aftari and Done with the home chores. It’s usually my turn to do all the chores after aftari that’s the most tired part of my day, Heavily fullest with the aftari juices, fruits and frying stuff. Can’t say no to the fruits that go well with your body and health. I hate unhealthy stuff especially in Ramadan when we extremely need hygienic food though.
So I decided to try some new recipes instead of buying it from random food stalls. Why not?


This is what I made. These vegetables Samosay are the legit thing that I discovered after experimenting the real recipe of it. Just like supersedes of veggies that I really don’t like to eat in samosa’s i.e. potatoes, onions, etc. After the successful experiment with these, I thought why not to share with my friends and the hilarious response I got from them was contagious. Read them out.

This is my friend, Living in Dubai and She needs legit Samosa’s


Likewise, This one too needs some.

She thinks I’m master chief and she wants home delivery 😀


My friend thinks I’m a Master chief, lol. Is that true? tell me in comments. Have a look on another.


ok so my best friend don’t know do I bake too? Areeba asking from me, lol.


My best friend is asking for the baking classes I guess 😛 and I’m confirming her by saying yes, should I fit for this job?

My ned university friend Areeba is appreciating me, she is the sweetest man!

Last but the sweetest that she sends me her dish too, but hilarious recipe part, OMG!


So miss Kanza was telling her recipe, I thought I should share this too. If anyone wants to know the quick and easy recipe by my friend so here you go :D, She is amazing!

UFF, Time for recipes jokes will always be my part of blogs so don’t hate me lol.


  • 2 chopped Capsicum
  • 1 Finely grated carrot
  • Half part of cabbage, finely grated.
  • boil chicken as per your need.
  • ready-made samosa’s sheets as per required.
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper crushed.
  • Salt as per your taste.
  • oil as per required.

Duration: 2hours

Serve: for 8 people.


Mix all the veggies in a frying pan


Add pepper to the mixer.



Add salt.



Add last night left-over chicken to reduce the waiting time of chicken to boil. Just let them cook until it’s become s it becomes them and take it out in a bowl so you can fill the sheets with that mixer properly.


Fill the sheets with the mixer that you made.


Tada, It’s done, Refrigerate it for aftari and make everyone happy. Hope it’ll go with you the same until next time.

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