Hello Everybody, Welcome to another Ramadan series after a weekly talk on Instagram then I thought, I should start something new again. I got an awesome response from your messages and comments that it worth it. I know you guys haven’t missed me at all for sure. It won’t be long trust me, I’m being honest with you all as always.

So, Ramadan has started and it’s been 5th of Ramadan today, Sitting on my floor, I’m holding my laptop now after Suhoor, Done with Quran and memorizing the whole 4 days of things that what exactly happening in Ramadan and then way I’m managing all those periods of sleep, prayers, fasting, blogging, studies, some homes chores and bullets of people ( As such things are common), Keeping patience because no bad deeds in Ramadan(LOL my kind of sentence), Hopes for the best things to come, Reading all whatsapp group chats(because im so useless man, I swear! ) about weddings and weddings, The hype of people around me keep on asking are you happy? are you still alive? Are you still breathing? are you still eating healthy? Why don’t you just die? What’s happening man!

Surah Maryam


Reciting Surah Maryam is the best to recite daily if you are single, there is no such time for it to read it. Boys and girls both can do it. Just stay focused and stay stronger. Everything is temporary so chill.


I can see my home clearer in these pictures.

The kind of Morning after Fajar and the sound of birds, Peace in the air is the best thing you can explore. Feel fresh and fresh when inhaling the air. The foggy moment appears here because of the blurry picture.

One important thing I want to mention here is to live your life fully and to the fullest no matter what, Take advantage of the Ramadan, Opportunities around you, Don’t be sad nor give up, Trials are part of life, They are just for temporary, learn new things every day. Read good things, Think positive, Make yourself as a true believer by putting your trust in Allah. Thing gets better when you talk.

If you have any suggestions and questions, Feel to comment below, I wish all of you to happy Ramadan. Until next time,





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