Hey, welcome again, It’s been a while I was MIA but honestly, also missing my Blog too just catching the other things and setting up the whole crashes and Clashes, and I was keeping you update through phone’s such things, never expected that. Anyways, It’s been a while mostly I’m addicted to bad things and some sort of things that keeps your whole concentration towards that where it’s seems to be things that your parents mostly dislikes. The most epic things happen with you whenever your parents supposed to enter into your room. There is no any other option that we could be and they could be satisfied by any substitute. But  recently, a few weeks back I found why not I should keep the things away from me which I merely keep beside me and my mind always keep on poping and holding my mobile phone just for checking whats going on in the world and what my friends, family, relatives are putting in their snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram stories. I swear It’s just freaking growing day by day.

Are you from such people who keep their phone near to them? Or used it overnight! Then you should stop doing what you do. Read the points below:

  1. Keep the distance. 

It’s usually the most dangerous thing I have said “keep the distance”, Lol. Honestly, I said it right. I started this campaign when I got the serious headaches since I use it before the sleep. My mornings were like horrible nightmares and I feel like depression is increasing day by day because I was using my phone literally like hell no hacks were taking me out of it to feel like what’s the actual about my headaches are to be. So, Taking care of yourself would definitely help you and it would be the 1st preference of your life if you haven’t then surely you have to do by yourself.

Lol, let me use the phone first like a picture.
PS: I’m pretending to be like take a picture of me.


This is me giving you proof of using it and addicted to Netflix lol.


    2. Locked It Or unlocked it. 

It’s merely the funniest trick that I have tried/trying on me from few weeks and It’s finally working on me, yay! Kindly don’t laugh it loud after reading this. I started locking it into another room so that point 1 would work on me. It did work. I started sleeping before 2 am and nostalgia, Aww. See nobody will give you suggestions better than your mind. It was totally my decision to do and I really happy that it’s working out. So, Focus on point 1 before entering into point 2. Just Keep it away where you don’t in the middle of the night, I know this is the most epic thing but I mostly did this for my health. Before that, my nights and morning were like full of anxieties, was leading me to nightmares, I was waking up several times each night and inability of sleep was the cause of this. The main reason of this, it causes an alternation in the system of certain self-regulating processes such as your biological clock. I have read a research on it causing many other health problems and honestly, I also got into it. Mobile phones have many radiations, the features you use radio, wifi etc they totally have radiation they cause in the same way.

So, Why not to keep it away at-least before sleep that’s the main target title of my blog because I share and write about those things which I have tested, gone/going through, believe in such things.


My addiction to this series will never be ending.


     3. Turn it off.

The third thing I applied after those 2 above points were turning off my cell phone. I know nobody will keep more than 2 or maybe 4 or 4 days phone away from them or lock them in a separate room like me. Although, I did it for 2 weeks to make it habit then I decided why not to turn it off? Such a problem solver I’m really! I started doing it and I’m following it today and TBH, It’s working a lot! I can now even sleep well more over the anxiety is flushing and process of less sleep and nightmares etc are totally leaving it.
My addicts to these such devices were becoming such mental health problems and this is all work it out just because I tried, I just don’t give up on that it wouldn’t work for me because I don’t believe on such things on the basis of believing it on the first preference because of the trusted issues.

I hope it will help you in the same way as it did it to me. If you like it, then share it and if you have any query about it then write it down in comments I will answer it.



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