Oye This Macaroon cake! Its really difficult to find such places among a lot of places, Which gives you the alternate tastes as you need when you needed the most. I’m talking about the cakes, Yes!. As I’m not so much food lover but I love to do baking instead. Now you are thinking about this cake that maybe I have baked it? The answer is no this time. This cake apparently looks so awesome in the picture but it more delicious than the picture though. It was a gift from my uncle( My Father’s friend) he lives in Karachi, Pakistan. And some sort of thing that I’m loving it. Time to reveal where they have sent us. This awesome-ness and loveliness cake was by Blue ribbon Bakery ( link: Blue ribbon).

macaroon cake with packaging

The official Packaging of the cake looks like as in above one. As for Me and my family, not so much cake-holic people but my father used to order from Bombay bakers Hyderabad, Pakistan, as they have the perfect place for the taste, conscious people. They have a speciality in making the good cake though.

Macaroon cake 2 with opened packaging

Oh My gosh! I’m just drooling over the cake. I mean Look at this. All the dry fruits are scattered over it. Although I don’t love to eat dry fruits like this you will love it by eating over this cake. All the dry fruits were dipped over the caramel sauce and decorated with cherries.

macaroon cake three.

This was the last two pieces of the cake looks that I luckily got in my fridge before it’s too late and somebody just attacks it before me.

cake pieces.

If you really wanna try them and looking for some good macaroon cake then remember these two bakers in your mind: Bombay bakers Hyderabad and Blue Ribbon Bakers Karachi. You can also tell me other than these two if you really know some good bakers, mention them or link them by commenting below so Until then bye.

Find the link here: Blue ribbon and Bombay Bakery Hyderabad.

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