A most frequently ask the question about carrying your bag and yet most irritating too. For me, It’s quite irritating because I don’t like to answer about my bag especially. Bags have become most essential part of girls, They never leave homes without a bag, am I right? So today I’m jolting down the stuff about carrying things on your go and highlight the main things that you can keep with yourself when you travel or go on any event. Tips are:

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  • Plan before.

This is main part before you go. Plan everything in advance that what’s your essential things. This won’t take your much time but you have to figure it out what’s more important and what’s gonna be use by you on the way. I prepare before and sometimes when forget to do it , I simply put all those stuff which I had it last time. If you are going for some so long then use a different sizes of bag, You can use that image size bags I shared above.

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  • Stuff.

Second main thing is to choose which stuff is more important than other because you can’t carry everything with you that makes you feel like exhaust. Make a list of stuff with top priorities and choose a bag for that stuff. As I’m conscious about the things which I use through my go. See the pictures below.

One thing that comes in my mind is my hand free! Easy to carry and they are always with me even if don’t used them for so long.

These sun glasses! I always keep them with me. It’s from Ray Ban and of-course my chick loving it too.

Look’s good ? It’s makeup box and I have so many makeup stuff in it, If you wanna know let me know it. Well, I have kajal, Lip glosses, Mirror, Tissues, Bob pins, Watches, Bracelets, BB cream, Rings of-course etc.

More clear version. As I used to travel to my university and being a blogger, I keep everything little thing in my bag as you can see in the picture. My digital Sony camera, A travelling with Zong-Device aka an internet wireless device, My notebooks, Makeup box, Glasses, Techni Cosmetics Highlighter and etc.

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bag's 2

My chick is also interested in watching my photography while I was capturing.

So, Tip number 3 is:

bag's no

  • Don’t rush.

An important thing doesn’t rush because it creates more problems, In the end, you end up with the nothing. So planning everything before is the important part, you don’t even you what things can be important to you, So follow tip number 01.

I hope Everything that I have mentioned through tips has cleared to you. You can ask me any question if you wanted to. 
Happy blogging readers!

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