Have you heard something that somebody said that they don’t have pets? I call them babies.

I mean it’s C-R-A-Z-Y, lol for me it’s total. As I’m a pet lover, A big pet lover. Having pet in your life is a big peace aka Sukoon, right? The best part of pets that they can’t speak like humans yay! Lol, I got excited. Pets are better than humans and they are the best therapist. I have so many ! Wanna see them?

  • Meet My birdies.

Check my birdies Badasss! They are the super layout.

These are white Australian birds. They try to feel you lazy as they always get time to sleep, how they can sleep the whole day lol.

Anyways, when we bought them a year ago, They were only two, Now they have a complete family.

Say hi! Meet the baby of blue Australian. He wants to come out but their parents aren’t allowing him to because according to them he is still the same little baby, Aww.

Baby Australian


More white Australian parrots. Say hi babies.


They are chalakoos! And you can say they are lovebirds lol. They live in their comfort zone and never allow anyone to interfere in their life so, They kind of sharp chalakoos and a smart one.

Australian parrot
Australian parrot

Meet this one the lazy one. They are grey cocktails. Bought them a month ago before the new year and still show me up those rude faces, I think because of the hairstyles they have lol. Attitude masters though. They love to eat corns and half of the stock of corns almost finished. All of their time spends on their pot like homie. Why is she looking in up me so rudely? Huh. Okay fine.

Here are they all of them in one place. We have recently changed their cage for their comfort and I love to talk to them and it seems like they are giving me a sign of to go away lol, I think they don’t like my existing because I make sounds like them and stare them like holla!

You know the best part of having birdies in your life is that they can make you feel good. And not only the birdies but you should have at least a pet in your life. See the picture, The one at the back near to my neck and ear loving my hairs. This is the picture I have taken after their bath?.

Australian parrot

They were not allowing me to take them back to their home aka to their parents. So I decided to take a picture with them before they go.

baby Australian injured brutally



A bunch of Australian parrots when they had an old cage.


  • Meet My Cats.

So let’s talk about some cats that I have them throughout my life.

baby boy
My brother with Persian cat

Meet my baby younger brother holding a cat in his hands proudly, Check the confidence! Lolz. It’s Persian cat and we have it many years ago, I found it cool so I’m attaching it to show you. My baby brother he is all grow up and it was about 6 years back picture I guess. Let move forward for more, see the pictures below.


Meet the twins babies. They were very little when we got them outside of our house a year before. They always together and pose together, lol.


Their favourite chair and the most irritating part is that they fight for it to sit first on it apart from all, He looks so cool in this picture, isn’t it?


So ok, it’s time for a wrap and hopes you won’t get bored during this all the blog, comment if you really love it and comment if you don’t also,? ok bye!

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2 thoughts to “Meet My Babies.

  • almas

    Omg this is amazing. i am an animal lover too and volunteer sometime for helping street animals which are abandoned or injured. good to connect with you. How many cats do you have?

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