It’s Friday healing power. Another day of the week to waste it on my flu, seriously! This is now important talk. A very serious kind of because flu is getting over me now like hell. The best kind of cure is to kick it out from its roots. OH-MY-GOD! I’m dying. My tissue papers are now going to end but flu is decided to be more than it lasts before. It’s been two days and my head is choking.

Note: It won’t get long trust me.

So, let’s start with it. It’s my special kind of healing cup. The main thing is to start it now. Okay, start with the ingredients. MY Healing-Cup Ingredients:

  1. 1 tsp of Black tea.
  2. 1 cup of water.
  3. Half 1/4 of ginger( didn’t take it as whole one just a pinch like).
  4. milk As per your brightens.
  5. Sugar As I don’t love to take it as in flu so I just avoid it if you want you can add it otherwise be own my side.

Okay, ingredients are done, It’s time for the method? I guess you know it well, Lol. Check it out below. Method: Add 1 cup of water in a pan with a normal flame, instantly add black tea and ginger too. Make sure you leave it for only five mints because you don’t to ruin your tea so be careful. If it starts boiling and extract of ginger is already extracted then add milk and sugar if you need to. So yay tea is ready and ready to take out in your favourite cup. Drink it, Enjoy it and kick out your flu. Healing power By the way, this has I had it on my way to home at Hyderabad to Karachi highway (nooriabad) somewhere at Ali Baba’s Petrol pump. It was really good, Had some strong flavour of ginger and Cardomom, Lol. I was freaking freezing that night so mom and I decided, Why not to kick out the freezing temperature last night we had with a roadside tea.

Note: you can also make it in a simple way too by not adding the rest of the ingredients, Just don’t add milk, black tea sugar. Make it in a simple water that will too benefits.

So, Hope you guys like it, It works for a lot if it does not work for you then keep taking doctor’s antibiotics medicines as hell as they are. Until next time bye!

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