Huh, moment! It’s 4th January’2018 winters and my university reopens after exams. I woke up early in the morning, Leaving for Karachi, Pakistan because my university is in Karachi. We off to Karachi early, because we need to do some other work. I was tired enough because of the wedding week before and my sleeping routine is quite disturbed.

Motorway M-9 Toll tax

We reached at toll tax after paying 190Rs/= for a car, different tax for different vehicles. I was taking pictures of-course from my Samsung phone and sitting in inside my car.


It’s Motorway-9 aka M9 with newly added taxes.

On the way to Karachi Toll tax

A view from a car of toll tax of Karachi, it’s recently developed and far better than previous one.

Motorway M-9

It was a cloudy + sunny day. When reached there, We got our car stopped at the middle of the road and heavy traffic continuously going on,  some functions which weren’t working of a car and anyways somehow we repair it, “being Pakistani things“.

university sunset

After some refreshment, When I reached to university, There was no light, I didn’t know the fault, Some labs were on generators and some not. In masters of engineering, we used to take classes on labs and some on normal rooms like classes with wooden chairs, whiteboards, wooden desk etc. We used to learn on projectors but because of the fault, We didn’t, Our teacher uses a whiteboard instead, I felt like blindness and pain in my eyes because we were studying in torch-light. It was not a good day but we have to take class especially me, seriously!

My notebook

I asked my teacher for the assignment submission and he allows me to give it next week only for this because it was my first day in his class. This subject ‘‘VLSI” is quite interesting subject and about clocks, programming, hardware, metal, silicon etc. I had this subject in my bachelor’s semester and now I’m doing its advance version. After the first assignment, I got 2nd assignment, was not hoping that. Hopes, It will be more interesting this semester.

It was about 3 hours of class and finally clock hit to 9:00 p.m  and finally the black day class over, Everybody was running for homes feel like “Azaaadi” aka independence time.

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