What’s your resolution in 2018? What’s makes you not giving up on things ?

We are living a day like where we see daily a new incident. Either you live in a Pakistan or living in another country. Depression, anxiety, aloneness, etc these things become common today, More-over backbiting, Black magic, Jealousy, bitterness etc have been added into the list. I don’t know how many of you are aware of these things but I wanted to share it because it’s become so much common.

sunset resolution

When you start a work that’s something you love and wanted to do really, Even studies, You criticized by society. If you haven’t faced it before then you are lucky enough. As I have seen many people who talk about only people, They don’t have any other topic to talk on. Sometimes you will feel like you have been so good to people that they are loving you and texting, calling, coming to your home etc, Be careful at this. Nobody is for the trust. These such things have become so common that there will be a time you will lost your own wealth. Protecting yourself by reciting Quran, praying but more than this be-Aware of those things that I have mentioned above because you can’t see what’s going on someone minds. Keep three things secret in your life:

  1. Your income.
  2. Your love life.
  3. What’s your next move?

Note: BEWARE!!
 You never know what’s going on someone’s life. 

university resolution



I believe in god more than this. Put your trust in who created you♡, Believe me, You will achieve whatever you wanted to do in your life. I have struggle a lot and have faced a lot of things in my life but what keeps me motivates is to believe in yourself and keep telling yourself that you can do this. Read about Life


  • Your resolution would be like to do what you haven’t achieved it yet. 
  • Your resolution would be to focus on your aims. 
  • You have two choices in life either to do it or make it regret. 
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Be true yourself.
  • Be good and do good
  • Ignore the rest of the world and focus on your dreams.

More important: Pray more and pay your attention to your god in any situation, because miracles happen 🙂 

Happy blogging and reading! 

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