I don’t know where to start this but I’m glad that I have crossed 1 month and the new year is started 2018. In 2017, I have seen so many things upsides, downsides and the main thing is that I started my new blog site with my domain. In this 1 month, I have written 17 blogs, engaged with many followers, grew my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook profiles.

I wasn’t sure about the things that it will turn good. I was hoping for the best after every single blog. I got much positive feedback on my blogs and my lifestyle. Being a blogger, the most difficult part of blogging is to engage people with your stuff. I hope for the best that this 2018 will bring more blissful things to life and my blogs too. I keep my blogs away from the sadness that’s why my domain name is exactly related to it aka bliss.

Glad that my blogs are now one month old now and the new year is started. Although according to Muslims Islamic Calender we have already passed the 2018 year according to English Calendar, it’s started yet.

Better days are coming and I’m excited to write about much new stuff that will be coming to my blogs. I have so many things to share with you all about the lifestyle. You can join me here by following and subscribing to my blogs, moreover, I have different social media accounts: InstagramFacebookPinterest. I share things that really I think, And that what I do. And it’s been a wonderful month. Work a lot on my blogs and the most important thing is that I never realize that I will cross this 1 month on a website with twenty blogs, Amazing I’m really. I hope more days will be more exciting and you will also see more new blogs coming to my website. So stay tuned for the updates on my social media.

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