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Winter Trendy Snoods Looks-2017

As winters have arrived people are looking towards for the winter collection. Winter is so much fun specially in pakistan and comes for a short time of period. Fashion fever is all over world people try different outfits for keeping them cool and For keeping yourself warm in winter different stuff is use by people are: Scarfs, jackets, sweaters, boots, mittens, gloves, hats etc. Woollen clothes are perfect choice for winters. There is a huge variety of things that you can see in the world. Most of the item you wear in cold weather and the most easiest one is to wear around your neck that gives you a stylish look and more trendy.

What is scarf exactly?

That really you wanted to know exactly what scarf is. So easiest definition is that a kind of thing you wear around your neck or head to cover it. Many muslims girls and women’s uses it as on their head for covering their head that’s look prettier too. It keeps you warmer and every kind of scarf like look we have given it into the scarf like category. So when everything is considering as a scarf then why we are dividing

What are Snood Scarfs ?

In terms of fashion Snood Scarfs are much more trendy. It’s basically a tabular scarf that act like a hood in a loop around your neck. It’s made up of wool that keeps you warm in winters. Nowadays, they are more trendy and fashionable to wear it.



What’s the history of Snoods?

Snoods are historically a females head-gear and similar to the hairnet to hold the hair, headgear resembles a close-fitting hood worn over the back of the head. But snoods have typically a looser fit, a much coarser. A snood made up of solid fabrics sometimes but more often of loosely net like material.

This is the 19 century picture of a lady who is wearing snood on her hair.


how to wear snoods?

You can wear it as you wanted to be. Wear snoods over your tops and roll them into the loop. One way is to just give it a two way loop. Most of the girls like to carry it like in two way style that looks stylish and more comfy.

Another way to carry Snood on your head to neck. Which also gives you the more cool look. You can carry anything if you know how to do, you can also check it by experimenting on your neck and head.

This is the another look you can carry for your winters that looks super cool and stylish, that every girl can carry for winters for outing, events, parties, farewell etc.

Another look, have a look on her neck that really look awesome but it depends on you what color you choose which matches your top too.

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  1. First off, never knew this was called a snood. I used to think I would awkward on one but now that you mentioned that it is fashionable..snood all the way it is expecially for this cold and dry times. Thanks for sharing

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