“you are Gorgeous”

When it’s about makeup every girl is like oh my god! LOL i guess i’m too addicted to makeup too. Makeup isn’t about making yourself a #gora #chitta (fairness, blond) but it’s all about pampering and enhancing your features more to look beautiful. 

As in my case, a time where i was unaware of makeup such things like foundation, concealer, primer, corrector, compact powders etc. When i was 19 years old, i used to know about only kajal or lip gloss such like things. Now when i see a teenager girls they used to apply everything and they know more than me as when i was in their age.

What is Makeup to me?

So for me makeup is something that is passion, expression , an art, it’s all about self-grooming. It’s kinda funny when people say oh look at her! she is wearing makeup not just makeup but a lot of makeup omg! Use it as to enhance your features your looks not to ruin it. Wearing makeup in parties, weddings, and all farewells.No matter how plain a women may be , if truth and honesty written across her face , she will be beautiful ♡

It is surely that you can’t buy happiness but you can buy makeup to make yourself happy. Makeup is something girls weapon. I have lots of makeup that i used to keep with myself during traveling and in events too, so that need to borrow it from others because it’s weird to ask for the makeup things with someone else that you don’t own it. Today i share this thing because most of the people used to mix this thing what actually makeup is.

So anyways, you guys have known the idea behind what is makeup actually!

Happy blogging (:

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