Snapchat is a mobile application which is a new sensation for the people nowadays. It’s growing up the users day by day, even I used it too. The main reason of using it that it has a new version of filters, colors, text on the picture, attachment of links, stickers, or new update in the snapchat is going crazy that provides the location of your friends. If we see the good side of new update so you can find the location of the person from everywhere just you need an internet connection or wifi. People share their daily life pictures in stories for 24 hours. Snapchat users are growing fast as they give new update very quickly. So today i’m totally giving you the review on this, let’s do this.

I’m also a snapchat user and its fun to be used it when feel bore. You can save your snapchat pictures in a memory of snapchat or you can save it in camera roll. You can find your friends using snap codes either with usernames and you can invite your friends to snapchat by sending them an invitation through snapchat. Snapchat team is going to provide the new update in the coming new weeks. But one thing I really dislike in snapchat is that it takes lots of memory in your mobile storage day by day is increasing whenever you store a picture or you update the application. 

Snapchat a new source that connects people with another!


Originally snapchat is by Evan SpiegelBobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc. It releases 5 years back in September 2011 for Android and users. Its available in 20 languages. You can share your pictures with your friends that can appear for limited seconds or unlimited time can be decided by you. Snapchat has 160 million daily active users, Wow massive!.

New Sensation:

Snapchat has become the new sensation for the users nowadays. For sure they are growing their users by making it user-friendly and adding more features that are different from other application. Isn’t it a useful application? which provides all in one features like, camera , filters, maps, location, stories, memories from where you can see your photos on snapchat storage, Videos, changing voices of video either mute or change it, providing your score that’s tell you how much you have used snapchat and send videos or pictures to your friends and family. There is no more new thing that is obsessed with the snapchat.

Good Thing About Snapchat:

Each application has good things that I’m sharing below, you can search your friends with four options,

  1. Nearby you: you have to open your GPS for this.
  2. Add their usernames in the search bar option in it.
  3. You can add them by inviting them to snapchat, there would be sharing option that opens multiple options to share with either with WhatsApp, messages, Facebook messenger, or whatever application you have installed that support snapchat to share.
  4. This one you have to scan the code of your snapchat user Barcode that scans the code to add to your account.


 It provides the location of your friends by using the map in it, you need to update your snapchat application to use too. Map option provides the location of your friend per second where they are standing now by enabling it in map option provided in snapchat application. filters that offer new colors to your pictures and videos. It also gives Temperature by enabling it using GPS in your phone, which will tell you the current temperature of your city using internet connection. Provides new textures to your picture after clicking your picture they have an option in a side to use it when you want.You have one new option that is our story. Our story is a publically display of pictures or videos show to users Publically, no need to add people you can use you’re our story option to share with the people who are not your friends even.

  • Snapchat another new option is that you can attach your links to your websites to your pictures and videos so that they can visit it directly by clicking it below link.
  • Keep you in touch around the world.
  • Stickers fun and cutting pasting option.

Bad Things About Snapchat:

  1. first, the map option will give you some problem where everyone can see your location and where are you standing, but you can off that option by enabling ghost mode in it.
  2. second, It takes lots of memory space can be exceeded to 2 to 5 GB too depends upon you that how you used memory option in it,
  3. Can be hang sometimes when it takes lots of storage on your phone is better to have it on SD card. Sometimes you can lose your pictures and videos it crashes as many times.
  4. You can’t see place until and unless you have wi-fi or internet connection.
  5. Publically sharing your photos can create the problem for you sometimes.
Snapchat is growing their users by adding this kind of features which some of them are really impressive though. Happy snapping 🙂
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