A day full of fun and excitement is here today and eventually, we made it to fun and full of excitement. Love the colourful night we had last night! Mayoon-میوں (turmeric in English, Haldi in Hindi, ubtan in Urdu) a day celebrated in Pakistan especially. It’s a way to celebrate your wedding by taking the ubtan by groom side, to bride’s home. It’s celebrated before the wedding day. 

Mehndi and ubtan(turmeric)

This is the mehndi(henna), and this is how we had it on our way to bride place. We placed the mehndi and ubtan stuff in car’s (boot) and this was the best idea for taking it your way, easy and properly managed.


This is how it was looking after placing candles and everything on the table. So many bright colours and some Gajray( flowers of jasmine) & of course sweets, the main thing.

mayoon day
Garara Pants

My dress look from the bottom. It’s a garara pants in yellow with beautiful embroidery, back and front both. I bought this from a local market of Hyderabad for mayo on function.

Garara Pants.


Here is the full look of dresses. On the right side, the shirt is from the cherry pick, that has green-y look with multi-colours of the pom-pom. It was actually the free-sized shirt and I altered it before wearing it because of the size and it was hiding my garara pants too, so just altered it from a tailor.


My I love this earing. It’s was pretty heavy but the design is really good. Mehndi (henna) stuff won’t make you bore. I was managed to carry these pretty stuff on this day.  I bought them from a local market of Hyderabad a few months ago and it was mainly for the those who love to wear simple dresses and this fancy jewellery makes you worth.

I Hope you like it and if not then I can’t do anything #lol. Okay bye.

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