I learned in life that no matter how the person who was good with you, will always be good with you they can hurt you because of this you stop trusting people no matter it was your long distance relationship or close. It took many years to build an empire of trust and it just takes seconds to destroy that empire of relationship.If we starting accepting this that people will always change then we don’t need to do an effort to change them as we all do in our entire life and some of you are still doing it.

Sometimes we blame life and circumstances to be a part of this tragedies but the truth is that we all are responsible for this. We have to control our acts what we do otherwise they will control you in their direction. Sometimes we think that the person you are closer to in your entire life will never hurt you but it happens.

What exactly we think when we think about life? Hmm.

Life takes many turns in your life and you have to be your own controller of your life. Nobody knows how many times your heart is broken they won’t stop doing and nobody will come to you to fix it. We all meet wrong people in our life first maybe because God wants to give something good to us. When one chapter closes, another opens. Nobody will see those chapters of your life and don’t show to them. It takes many years to build trust, it takes seconds to destroys, minutes to offend someone, it takes days to settle in-house, it takes a time to accept things that are new to you and it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Pretty faces do not inspire anymore, search for the pretty hearts. Stick with those who make you smile because no one has time to make you smile to feel better.Yes, there will be a time where you will miss someone so much and want to talk to them but you can’t because you have gone through all those things which you haven’t ever dream of. There will be a time where you will fail as many times but you have to stand up for the things where your dreams are.

Dreams are just imagination and you are the one who can change and un-change them in your way. The happiest people doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems and worst sides, they just make the things best of everything that comes in their way. The best solution for all the problems to let it go and forget what you have been gone through. You are the controller of your own life, don’t let anyone control it in their way. Let the things left on God’s decisions, things take time to heal it.

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When you decided to do something, So just stay connected to it no matter what’s worse it goes. You sometimes become like just to give up on things, Every little one too. But that’s not all you had it, Think about it why you hold it for so long? Things go worst at sometimes but at some other day it goes well and I called it miracles in my small dictionary, lol. This is all about life! you become hurt by every small little thing and you don’t even know what special things or rewards are waiting for you! What you have to do is? Patience! That’s all.

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