Hello people, I’m here with another blog which is about beauty. I was searching for something in my bag a few days back and I luckily I found out the special thing which I bought a few months ago and didn’t get the time to use it, So the difficult part is to search for the things in my bag especially. I will discuss my bag stuff and will show you the stuff in it, that’s mainly the dangerous part of my life #lol. Anyways, the special thing that I found in my bag, that is a contour kit, Yay! Sounds good? High-five.

It’s a contour + highlighter kit, All in one, which I bought it from Technic cosmetics outlet a month ago. Well, this beauty product is quite amazing at the first sight, I wasn’t sure about the brand whether it is good or not because I never use makeup on the daily basis, I just know the somehow basics and known with some makeup brands. So, I tried it on my face before taking any decision whether I wasted my money or not.  And you can see in the picture I haven’t used it already #lol, the kit is almost clean and clear surface.

to highlight

This one is a kit that I used on my face, # Ummm, Looks chocolatey. It’s a Compact size, easy to use kit especially for those who don’t use makeup on the daily basis, so you keep this kit with yourself on the go too. I choose caramel for my skin, you can choose so with your skin type: caramel, mocha, cappuccino. 


This, I did a few hours ago and using both contour+highlighter. One important thing to remember! it will not give you the final results be so quickly but will definitely amaze you with the glow because of the highlighter and contour balance the quantity of the powder and foundation things. I used it with makeup setting spray that will stand out with it.


Contour and highlighter

So, that’s the wrap now, I hopefully gave you the details on this kit and if you guys really wanted to ask any questions you can ask me through leaving your message below or you can also give your suggestions too about the highlighters that you guys are using. It cost me 500 Pkr for this kit. 

Happy blogging!

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