It’s quite funniest post ever and you will literally roll on the floor laughing( #rofl ), I think it’s going to be fun. CAUTION! It May not goes long and I won’t make you feel bored. Like it’s not quite easy to do conversation with those whom you don’t want to do seriously! I mean why I do when I don’t want to. Sometimes you have a mood swing day, you can’t do anything with that too. Most of the friends asked me why do you do hmm? Are you feeling bored with me? You don’t want me to talk with you? Have you got new friends? You have changed probably! This is rude.

fun facts
Hmm be like

I have seen so many things or messages from every single person who doesn’t know why people do hmm. I didn’t even know why I do but I found some reasons behind this. There may be many reasons but what I concluded, are just 4:

1. You wanted to stop conversion simply.

2. When you have simply many moods like me, laughing out loud=HAHAHAHAHA.

3. When you really don’t want anyone to talk about things that you really don’t like to listen.

4. And last, when you are satisfied, you simply do so hmm.

fun facts
Keep calm and hmm

I hope my reasons have already hit you. A #hmm person can understand the reason behind this #hmm, laughing out loud, seriously. I have lots of friends who still find it wrong, making your best conversation is when you both the language and understands each other. I hope this is hitting you on your brain? Nah? Forget it! Just enjoy the coffee while reading my blogs especially in winters!!!

Ps: share with your friends hope they will get this thing, if not then hit them with a reply of hmm, HAHA, jokes apart. 

I hope you haven’t got bored while reading it. 

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