Yay! So, I’m revealing what ‘s this place actually. It’s always a humbling experience visiting Mehran University again & again. It was not planned and I really wanted to visit it because it’s been a year, most of the things have changed a lot as compared to when it was used to be in back 2015. I have so many memories and spent my 4 years of Journey here. I didn’t know from where to start it but it was a great day back to old good days I have spent here. Until your higher secondary education, you are under the shadow of your parents. When you join the university, you get a first-hand experience of leading life alone and I still remember my first day here, was so confusing didn’t even know anyone there and we used to put roll no chits for identity #lolzz!  This is entry gate of Mehran University of engineering and technology, the picture you can see above and literally, Guards weren’t allowing me to capture the picture, and I was like “Graduate #kya #Huay picture #bhi #nhi #lay #sakhty”? Anyways, somehow I managed to get it and this is taken by my one & only great photographer “OH MAMMA”. 

mehran school 

This is the school inside the university. And yeah I was taking pictures while sitting in the car. Look another picture of the school.

I was wondering what the thing that was and still the same are the “TREES” that is actually enhancing the beauty of university.


Telecommunication department, looks like scary? nah! So peaceful though. It seems like a Beach-y witchy day, the sun was shiny and of-course the W-I-N-T-E-R-S.

The L-I-B-R-A-R-Y. I didn’t remember when I visited it last time! Anyways, great place though.

The Administration aka “A-D-M-I-N”. It’s pretty cool but yet so confusing to search for the exit in it, I still confuse which one is the exiting way because they have two way to go. Yet I loved the architecture!


English language development centre 


The Z-E-R-O point, students wait for the buses at this point, I don’t know the reason behind the “zero point”. And the guard is watching me be like “taking my picture for #rishtaa(proposal)”? or what? 


B-U-R-G-E-R-R-R-R!!!! Aka “CC’s Burger”, The most famous burger and I think I should give ’em an Oscar, laughing out loud. But honestly, it’s really good. Do try if you haven’t it yet.

And Why not to try some local things too? #Gaanaayy #ka #juice aka “Sugarcane”.

Look what I found there! A poor Baby ♥ 

Apologies, I didn’t cover all the departments even though mine too because I was there just for the minutes. But next time I will mention and cover all the things, inshallah♥ 

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