Hey, So in this blog I’m going to tell you what is the refreshing mask for your skins these days. Your skin needs proper and daily pampering which keep you to look younger and fresh every day. The two favourite skin masks I’m using are these :

  1. Magnet activated Charcoal mask.

  2. Oats and honey mask.

These two masks turn out for me amazing! As far I’m concern about my skin for making it clean every day, these masks work very well for me. Let me give you the quick intro to both masks.


This masks really really need to be in your skin routine products. It clarifies and refreshes your skin after using it. Leave it for 15 mints on your skin and then just rinse it well. magnet mask actually works as a detoxify your skin by unclogging your pores. I ordered this amazing product online from Jo’s organic beauty last month. And still using it for making my skin fresh. I used moisture too after it if you need and then you can go for it. Make sure you do not speak when it’s on your face, its dry up within the minutes and talking during the procedure could give you the wrinkles, so be careful!

skin mask
The magnet Mask


I use this mask after magnet mask. The oats and honey actually smooth your skin. If you use after magnet mask then you don’t need to use any moisturizer and give hydration. Scrub it well before rinsing it.

skin mask
Note: make sure you place in refrigerating after using it because I did this mistake not placing it in a refrigerator and got it fungus. when I ordered it from their website. You can get it from their website below.

So these are two masks which I personally used it. All are natural things. If you want to ask any question you can ask in a comment below, I will surely be answered to your all questions.

Happy blogging!

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One thought to “Skin Mask-Buy or not ?”

  • Tiazim

    I prefer doing these masks at home on my own – i know what i put in and what kind of ingredients i use (i try to use as many organic things as possible!)

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