When I was 7 years old, Travelling ensures you the peace of mind, it actually helps you to get creative thoughts. As I love being a traveler is my all time favorite thing to do and such random plans are fabulous.


What research said about traveling? 

Even in research, traveling leads to a greater learning capacity, increased a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, better family relationships and decreased the risk of heart disease.

Why do people travel? 

People travel either to learn about cultures, for changing the life and look for the differences between the different cultures. When I was 7 years I went to Saudia Arabia-KSA for umra with my parents and siblings. I was excited and my siblings were too. Its like new thing for us as we were traveling to the holy place. As far as I remember that scenes in my mind that were the great feeling I ever had. #Alhamdurillah, I have performed Umra at a very little age and my siblings who were only 1 or 4 years old. 

What’s the best place to travel? 

For me it’s always best to place would be Makkah and madina♡. It’s just the best place that ensures you the peace of mind.

You know one thing that there is one word for those who love to travel from one country to another.

 What’s the word someone who loves to travel?

A person who loves to travel from one place to another place for amusement and fun or pleasure is called a gallivanter. Travelling is something you are exploring people, countries, nature, food, culture, languages,  meet and greet with the people around the world.

So far we see a lot of things about traveling. It’s not bad as it has myths. For increasing your confidence and live your life, just pack your bags now!

Happy blogging (:

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