The novel Thirteen reasons why which was published in 2007 by jay asher and later adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix. 13 Reasons why was released on 31 March 2017. The first season is consist of 13 episodes. Diana Son and Brian Yorkey serve as a co-showrunners on the series and Selena Gomez serves as an executive producer.


Thirteen reasons why revolves around the high school students Hannah Baker and her friend clay Jensen, a girl who committed suicide because of the circumstances revolving around her at her school that let her to suicide.

tapes box

 Now You people are thinking why they know it was a suicide and what was the reason behind her suicide. Before Hannah death, she left a box of tape cassettes recorded by in her voice. This all looks filmy, right? but it happened. She left the clues before her death that’s revolves around all the individual person who let her to suicide in the end and she named every tape with the numbers.


The 13 tapes cassettes each with the label numbers on it, has the story of each person which leads a Hannah baker to committed suicide. She in-search of a true throughout the school, then she found clay Jensen as a friend who also worked with her in a cinema as a front-desk presenter selling popcorns, tickets and all the foodstuff. 

clay and Hannah

They were devoted to each other but clay didn’t ever tell her when she was alive that he love her, seriously insane!. 


Hannah was mentally disturbed because when she gets close to anyone they betrayed her, every single person that she meets in her high school. They all used her and left her alone. She was also raped by her one of her classmate Bryce Walker which was the heartbreaking situation, break her into the pieces. 

13 reasons why

she rushed to her home and trying to be normal and start recalling all the things which have done to her. She was depressed, lonely, crying as loud as she can but no one was there for her not even clay. In a morning, she went to high school trying to be normal and she decided to talk to her school’s counsellor to tell him about last night and all the things have done, after telling him the counsellor remains silent and said her to forget about all the things then she finally decided to commit suicide. She locked herself in the washroom in a bathtub, water was flowing from it and she was lying inside it, holding a blade in her hand and thinking about all the things which let her to suicide. She cut her hands with the blade and blood was start bleeding. She left everybody especially her parents and his friend clay Jensen in the mystery of her suicide.

13 reasons why
Hannah Baker

 This is the list of her friends that she drew before her death.



It is still a mystery and some more secrets related to her death is more to come in season 2.Thirteen reasons why portrays a picture of a girl who was treated badly as hell by a society. The girl with thousands of harassment. People let her to this situation that she committed suicide and lost her life in searching for good people. To be honest, i feel really bad about her as she was a teenager and at this time nobody knows what to do we all have a passion for everything but we search for the things that we wanted to and this process of searching we lost many things in life, some survive and some people just give up. Suicide isn’t the good option instead. Try not to give up never ever! 

This cover I found on the internet that beautifully describes the 13 reason why have a look at it!

13 reasons why
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