what is engineering?

Engineer word itself defines to create, design, develop, explore, creating structure, brainstorming, use of machines, construction, programming. an engineer who designs and building things that meet customer requirements using scientific information for the practical purpose, applying technology towards the human’s needs.

What do they do?

Engineers solve problems and they focus on making things work efficiently and efficiently. They applied theories and concepts to research and develop things or solutions to the problems.

But some have mislead the concept of engineering and engineer

Being an engineer isn’t as bad as people think of. In my views every field as its own ups and downs. What you have to do is to follow your passion where you wanted to see yourself in future but nobody knows where to go first, that’s the difficult part of life to choose and your surrounding one tries to discourage you not to take that one in which you are interested in. Even current engineering students wonder, at some point they think whether they should continue their degree or not, this is because they are distracted or maybe they have decided to do something else. Engineers are all in one!

But who is an engineer ?

So yeah I’m an engineer!

But wait, why we still confused or not trying to make our own decisions? why we are taking so long ? the answer is: we don’t know the path, we don’t make decisions on time, we criticized others for being that instead of making yourself a better decision maker or to think positive. There is a time I also think like that. Everybody does that not one time but more than once. Sometimes we stop to follow our own dreams why? we never try to figure it out. I’m also an Engineer, I have done bachelors of engineering in Computer System Engineering. And trust me it’s not a waste of time to do engineering, you learn many things during your degree. Being an engineer, you will know how to solve problems and keep up your deadlines & you use your engineering skills to produce something at the end. Some typical kind of people still thinks that engineering is just waste of time and asked are doing engineering? I said, yes then they asked again what’s the scope of it? you know there is no scope of your field, in reply I have these statements of people and I’m sure every engineer has faced it or still facing it, engineers just fire in the belly who use to say this!

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Oops, this post is getting longer but there is a lot to talk about engineering field let me make it short now. So, the main purpose of this post to give you a view about engineering that it’s not bad as people think of, every field has its own downsides. You just have to figure out in which you are good, then just follow step by step to your destination.

Happy Blogging (:

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