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Hi,finally I got my own personal Domain (my website). It’s been 1 year I have worked on my blogs. I started last year in December from Instagram with the business profile for sharing my own quotes, Poems, Daily drama things, Those things are still saved in my phone I didn’t remove them. I used to share on my Instagram profile on  Tzbliss daily, People appreciated it, some don’t & some started following, I was in that curiosity when I will grow my audience and engage with people, I start watching videos on YouTube for that. The YouTube videos help me out a lot! 

My Website-

Anyways , Then I search many blogging sites, People, Ideas, Platforms to talk on as in start, As everybody do. You have learned before you go for something and most important thing is ‘search’. Well, within a month my searches becomes awful for me because there was so many blogging sites that I have to be chosen, but anyways I found Google. It’s the best site for the new bloggers who wants to start their blogging in a very comfy, simple and easy way. You don’t need to know any special language or programming skills to use it but the main thing about blogger’s by google is that content should be your own written because it has many other rules for this site, They have some limitations and you have to do blog under those limitations. I recommend to do blogging from these:


  1. Choose blogger by Google for the start, So that you may know what exactly how it works and you can practice on your blogs too.
  2. Choose WordPress for free site, With the WordPress domain name, Which is exactly work the same for your blogs and it’s pretty easy.
  3. Choose self-Hosted plan. As if you really wanted to earn through blogging sites then you must buy your own self-Hosting Plan.

Note: I Recommend to buy a start-up plan. 

The main reason of my blogs is to share my own perspectives that I believe people need to know what is right and what is not. I simply never follow any other styles or models etc, I do what i love to do and My closet is simply a place you will find the last one on this planet. You can do what you wanted to be just believe in yourself and keep your head-up. So last week, I bought my domain and hosting plan from Hosting for my own personal blogs and more to be come on it. More exciting things is on the way, for update you can subscribe to website post so, When-ever I post a blog on my website , you will get the notification easily through email or if you follow/following me through WordPress that will be ease for you, That way you can see my post on WordPress reader side and can get fun through my blogs. If you really do care( if you so) then follow my blogs from now because you will not get any other stuff like mine. So, What are you waiting or then ? Follow ! I think, I have said a lot, It’s enough for today. Hope you enjoyed my today’s blog! YAY, Take care Bye.

Serious Note: If you want some help about blogging and setting up your site then you can ask me by leaving your reply below.

Wait! Something i need to tell you! Read the Post script below. Thankyou

P.S: So up-till next time , Let’s make it finish now What you guys have to do is follow me in my journey Contact

Happy blogging and Reading (:

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